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Profile of the performer Stephen Philips: Multi-instrumentalist Stephen Philips has been a musician for more than 30 years. He founded Dark Duck Records in the late 80's as a way to expose his musical endeavors to the general public. Music has always been a way of life for Stephen. He began his musical sojourns at the age of 8 with the Clarinet. At the age of 13 his interest moved to the guitar, bass, piano, and synthesizer which led him into several pop bands through his late teens. He recorded 3 albums for the alternative/college band Troubled Thought before exploring electronic music in the early 90's. His fascination with the vast space of ambient music and an interest in the godfathers of ambient (Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, John Cage, etc.) led him into full-on experimentation with ambient music and an indepth study of the history, roots, and methods of ambient music composition.

His music places a strong emphasis on time and place, desiring to take the listener to a virtual location and/or to create an aural postcard or an aural description of a feeling or a mood evoked by a location. To obtain his trademark sound, Stephen Philips uses a variety of synthesizers, samplers, and effects as well as a vast array of electronic and acoustic percussion instruments.

In the past he has rarely recorded under his own name rather choosing to record along side other artists under the names of Experimental Psychology, Excelsior, and Deep Chill Network. Most of Stephen's solo releases are very ambient, deep chill, and/or experimental. Some of his recordings are live performances, experimental soundscapes, and other ambient noodling. Some of them even started out as practice sessions & jams that were so good we just had to release them.

His music has been played on many radio stations around the world and has been featured on such radio programs as Stars End and Inner Space, EMUSIC, and many others. His music has also been reviewed and well received by many respected ambient and electronic magazines, including Deep Listenings, E.E.R., and Wind and Wire.

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# Release cover Release title Tracks amount Download release in mp3? Official release date Label production
1 Looking Out The Window 3 mp3, CD 2001-08-01 Dark Duck Records
2 Stephen Philips - Cave Of The Wind Cave Of The Wind 3 mp3, CD 2001-11-01 Dark Duck Records
3 Stephen Philips - Otherworldly 1 Otherworldly 1 4 mp3, CD 2001-02-00 Dark Duck Records
4 Natural Environments 10 mp3, CD 2000-07-00 Dark Duck Records
5 Stephen Philips - Cycles 3 Cycles 3 3 mp3, CD 2000-10-00 Dark Duck Records
6 Stephen Philips - Live At BZ Live At BZ 9 mp3, CD 2000-12-00 Dark Duck Records
7 Stephen Philips - Mile High Chill 2 Mile High Chill 2 7 mp3, CD 1999-05-00 Dark Duck Records
8 Stephen Philips - Mile High Chill 1 Mile High Chill 1 6 mp3, CD 1997-05-00 Dark Duck Records
9 Stephen Philips - Unauthorized Experiments Unauthorized Experiments 10 mp3, CD 1998-01-00 Dark Duck Records
10 Avalon Chill 4 mp3, CD 1998-02-00 Dark Duck Records
11 Cycles 1 3 mp3, CD 1998-05-00 Dark Duck Records
12 Stephen Philips - Desert Landscapes Desert Landscapes 3 mp3, CD 1998-09-00 Dark Duck Records
13 Stephen Philips - Conquest Berlin Conquest Berlin 3 mp3, CD 1998-12-00 Dark Duck Records
14 Stephen Philips - Otherworldly 2 Otherworldly 2 3 mp3, CD 2003-01-14 Dark Duck Records
15 Stephen Philips - Lost At Dunn's Lake Lost At Dunn's Lake 3 mp3, CD 2001 Zero Music
16 Stephen Philips - Placid Repose Placid Repose 5 mp3, CD 2004 Gears Of Sand
17 Stephen Philips - Faded Faded 3 mp3, CD 2005 Sound-O-Mat
18 Stephen Philips - Dagboken Dagboken 3 mp3, CD 2005 Hypnos Secret Sounds
19 Stephen Philips - Texture One Texture One 3 mp3, CD 2005-09-27 Webbed Hand Records
20 Stephen Philips - Inside And Outside 1 Inside And Outside 1 2 mp3, CD 2005-08-00 Dark Duck Records
21 Inside And Outside 2 2 mp3, CD 2005-09-00 Dark Duck Records
22 Stephen Philips - Constant 2 Constant 2 3 mp3, CD 2005 TZP Drone Company
23 Stephen Philips - Constant 5 Constant 5 3 mp3, CD 2005 TZP Drone Company
24 Inside And Outside 3 2 mp3, CD 2005-10-00 Dark Duck Records
25 Stephen Philips - Subtle Enviorments Subtle Enviorments 8 mp3, CD 1999 Dark Duck Records
26 Stephen Philips - Simulated Universe Simulated Universe 4 mp3, CD 2005 Dark Duck Records
27 Inside And Outside 4 6 mp3, CD 2005-11-00 Dark Duck Records
28 Stephen Philips - From The Vaults Volume 1 From The Vaults Volume 1 4 mp3, CD 2007-02-00 Dark Duck Records
29 Stephen Philips - From Within The Abyss From Within The Abyss 9 mp3, CD 2002 Dark Duck Records
30 Outward Appearance 4 mp3, CD 2003 Dark Duck Records
31 Stephen Philips - In The Moonlight In The Moonlight 6 mp3, CD 1999 Dark Duck Records
32 Stephen Philips - Cycles 4 Cycles 4 3 mp3, CD 2002 Dark Duck Records
33 Stephen Philips - Jupiter's Moons Jupiter's Moons 3 mp3, CD 2008-05-00 Earth Mantra
34 Somber Waves Of Grain 7 mp3, CD 2007 Blue Water Records
35 Stephen Philips - Installations 1 Installations 1 3 mp3, CD 2005 Dark Duck Records
36 Stephen Philips - Installations 2 Installations 2 3 mp3, CD 2005 Dark Duck Records
37 Stephen Philips - Constant 2 Constant 2 3 mp3, CD 2005 TZP Drone Company
38 Constant 5 3 mp3, CD 2005 TZP Drone Company
39 Cycles 6 3 mp3, CD 2005 Dark Duck Records
40 Cycles 2 3 mp3, CD 2000 Dark Duck Records
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