Franco Battiato

Francesco Battiato

Also known as Battiato, Battiato Franco, F. B., F. Battiato, F.Battiato, Francesco Battiato

Profile of the performer Franco Battiato: An internationally known artist, Franco Battiato has been everything in his long career, from beat singer to avantgarde performer, producer, contemporary music composer.

His beginnings lay in the mid 60's, with many singles released with no particular success, the first two under his real name of Francesco. He had left the native Sicily (he was born in Jonia, near Catania in 1945) moving to Milan around 1965.

In 1970 after his collaboration with Osage Tribe (that he quit before their only album Arrowhead) he had a record deal with Bla Bla, releasing his first solo album in 1972.

"Fetus", housed in a outrageous cover (reproducing a foetus) was definitely a prog album, but a very original one, with a minimalist sound mainly based on the use of a VCS3 synth, unusual lyrics, complex arrangements. Two tracks, "Energia" and "Una Cellula" were also released as single.

Second album "Pollution" followed the same route, but the sound was a bit richer with a larger use of traditional rock instruments. A good concert activity led to Battiato being very popular as an alternative artist and Pollution even reached the Top Ten italian chart.

These two albums are considered their best (and most musically accessible) from prog fans.

With third album, Sulle corde di "Aries", the sound shifted toward a more avantgarde style, but the long "Aria Di Rivoluzione" remains one of his best tracks from the first period.

Fourth album "Clic" was mainly instrumental, with just a single vocal track, "No U Turn", and it also had an english release on the prestigious Island label, though this album contains different versions of tracks originally included in "Sulle Corde Di Aries" and the italian issue of "Clic". His first solo album had also been recorded in an english version, entitled "Foetus", but this was never released at the time and only appeared on CD recently.

With 1975's "M.lle Le Gladiator" we're in full avantgarde music, the album even contains a long church organ solo performance and is a very difficult listen. After the Bla Bla's demise the following releases up to 1978 were all in the same direction, with long instrumental piano or synth performances closer to contemporary music than to progressive.

1979 saw the first radical turn, with the new wave-inspired album "L'Era Del Cinghiale Bianco" that began a fruitful collaboration with violinist Giusto Pio. The album was a big hit and later works followed the same style, with very good arrangements and highly inspired and original lyrics. In the 2000's Battiato is still one of the leading figures in italian music.

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# Release cover Release title Tracks amount Download release in mp3? Official release date Label production
1 Franco Battiato - Feed Back Feed Back 13 mp3, CD 1976-00-00 Bla Bla
2 Franco Battiato - Fetus Fetus 8 mp3, CD 1971 Bla Bla
3 Franco Battiato - Pollution Pollution 7 mp3, CD 1972 Bla Bla
4 Sulle Corde Di Aries 4 mp3, CD 1973 Bla Bla
5 Franco Battiato - Clic Clic 7 mp3, CD 1974 Bla Bla
6 Franco Battiato - 1972  Fetus / Pollution 1972 Fetus / Pollution 9 mp3, CD 1979 Orizzonte
7 Franco Battiato - 1974  Sulle Corde Di Aries / Clic 1974 Sulle Corde Di Aries / Clic 7 mp3, CD 1979 Ricordi
8 Franco Battiato - M.elle Le M.elle Le "Gladiator" 3 mp3, CD 1981 Ricordi
9 Franco Battiato - Clic Clic 7 mp3, CD 1998 Ricordi
10 Franco Battiato - Clic Clic 4 mp3, CD 1974 Island Records
11 Franco Battiato - I Treni Di Tozeur I Treni Di Tozeur 2 mp3, CD 1984 EMI
12 Franco Battiato - M.elle Le M.elle Le "Gladiator" 3 mp3, CD 1993 Artis Records
13 Franco Battiato - Zâ 2 mp3, CD 1993 Artis Records
14 Franco Battiato - Pollution Pollution 7 mp3, CD 1991 BMG
15 Franco Battiato - Sulle Corde Di Aries Sulle Corde Di Aries 4 mp3, CD 2000 BMG
16 Franco Battiato - Franco Battiato Franco Battiato 2 mp3, CD 1998
17 Franco Battiato - Foetus Foetus 8 mp3, CD 1999 Vinyl Magic 2000 Records
18 Franco Battiato - Juke Box Juke Box 6 mp3, CD 1998 BMG Ricordi S.p.A.
19 Franco Battiato - L'Era Del Cinghiale Bianco L'Era Del Cinghiale Bianco 7 mp3, CD 1979
20 Franco Battiato - Fisiognomica Fisiognomica 8 mp3, CD 1988
21 Franco Battiato - Orizzonti Perduti Orizzonti Perduti 8 mp3, CD 1984 Pathé Marconi EMI
22 Franco Battiato - Nomadas Nomadas 9 mp3, CD 1986 EMI-Odeon, S.A.
23 Franco Battiato - Introspettiva Introspettiva 18 mp3, CD 2001 EMI Music (Italy)
24 Franco Battiato - Campi Magnetici Campi Magnetici 8 mp3, CD 2000 Sony Classical
25 Franco Battiato - Messa Arcaica Messa Arcaica 5 mp3, CD 1994 EMI Classics
26 Franco Battiato - L'Imboscata L'Imboscata 10 mp3, CD 1996-12-00 Mercury
27 Franco Battiato - Patriots Patriots 7 mp3, CD 1998 EMI
28 Franco Battiato - L'Arca Di Noè L'Arca Di Noè 7 mp3, CD EMI ITALIANA S.p.A.
29 Franco Battiato - Dal Cinghiale Al Cammello Dal Cinghiale Al Cammello 25 mp3, CD 2004 EMI
30 Franco Battiato - Caffé De La Paix Caffé De La Paix 8 mp3, CD 1993 EMI
31 Franco Battiato - L'Ombrello E La Macchina Da Cucire L'Ombrello E La Macchina Da Cucire 9 mp3, CD 1995 EMI Italiana S.p.A.
32 Franco Battiato - Mondi Lontanissimi Mondi Lontanissimi 9 mp3, CD 1985 La Voce Del Padrone
33 Franco Battiato - L'Arca Di Noè L'Arca Di Noè 7 mp3, CD 1982 EMI
34 Franco Battiato - Yo Quiero Verte Danzar Yo Quiero Verte Danzar 2 mp3, CD 1987
35 Franco Battiato - Nomadas Nomadas 3 mp3, CD 1987 EMI
36 Franco Battiato - Centro Di Gravità Centro Di Gravità 2 mp3, CD 1981 EMI
37 Franco Battiato - Patriots Patriots 7 mp3, CD 1986 EMI
38 Franco Battiato - Bandiera Bianca Bandiera Bianca 2 mp3, CD 1981 EMI
39 Franco Battiato - 1972  Fetus / Pollution 1972 Fetus / Pollution 9 mp3, CD 1990 Ricordi
40 L'Egitto Prima Delle Sabbie 2 mp3, CD 1998 BMG
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